Recent Book: “Reflections on a Surprising Universe”


We are excited to announce that Richard Dieter’s non-fiction book, “Reflections on a Surprising Universe: Extraordinary Discoveries Through Ordinary Eyes,” was published by John Hunt Publishing in late November 2019. If you are a reviewer for an existing publication and would like an advance look at the manuscript, please contact us. For more information, click here.

Here are some early comments on the book:

“Not many authors have the skill and breadth to masterfully explain the mysteries of science, and do so in literate language, but Richard Dieter easily ranks as one of them.”

-Colman McCarthy, former Washington Post columnist

“In clear prose, Richard Dieter lays out a vision of the universe filled with curiosity and wonder. Dieter’s layman vision of the universe brings the majesty of the cosmos down to the level of the everyday in census of the weirdness that surrounds us on all sides. From the smallest particles to the vastest super-structures, this book is a great read for anyone looking up in the sky and wondering what’s out there.”

-John Wenz, former editor at Astronomy Magazine

We will be adding excerpts from the book and other information as the publication date draws closer. To convey a sense of the book, we have included the Table of Contents below:

Part I: Looking for Our Place in the Stars

Chapter 1                  Exploring the Universe on Its Grandest Scale:
A Cosmos of Constant Change

Chapter 2                  Much More Than Stars:
Black Holes, Bending Space, Gravitational Waves

Chapter 3                  One Universe or Many?
A Multiplicity of Multiverses

Chapter 4                  Life on Other Planets:
Reaching Out to E.T.

Chapter 5                  Time and Space:
Even Simple Things Can Be Hard to Understand

Chapter 6                  Why Is There Something Instead of Nothing? And How Much of Something Are We?

Part II: From Telescope to Microscope

Chapter 7                  A Code for Being Human:
DNA, Selfish Genes, and Machines

Chapter 8                  Common Ground with the Universe:
Take Three Particles and What Do You Get?

Chapter 9                  Stranger Still: The World At Its Most Fundamental Is Not What Anyone Expected

Chapter 10                On The Horizon: Quantum Computers, A Theory of Strings



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